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I wanted to play doctor with the girls but with the boy, I only wanted him to love me. I loved to play doctor but the games totally ended when I went to school at seven years old. My friends and I never talked about it and never played in that way but there was this shame around my game, I somehow got the information that it was something that was not ok. They had a son who was one year older than me and he and I played family together; he was the father and I was the mother. He started telling me about this thing that adults do and he explained to me.

The word might not actually exist, it could just be a word that the kids in my circle used, probably because they heard their parents making this agh agh agh sound. He explained that the man took the penis and put it into the vagina. Then he asked if I would like to see his penis.

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One time my best friend and I were wondering if you bleed from your vagina when you have periods, where does the pee come from? Is it the same hole? I have provided simple explanations for menstruation and childbirth. We have our rules too. We tell her who can and cannot touch her private areas; that she can only touch herself in privacy and that she must wear pants except in the tub and at certain times at home she loves to run around naked.

How can I help my challenging daughter develop Playing doctor nude sound sexual Plying and be proud of her body and respectful of others? A-Adults who say Plahing never have played doctor have one thing in common: Preschoolers are bewitched by them. Put a few in a room with a doctor kit, and pretty soon you hear them giggle, then you hear the sound of a door quietly closing. From now on she can play doctor with her friends but only if the children keep their clothes on and play in the living room where you can see them, not in her bedroom. These are sensible rules and will kill her interest in doctor games in about a day and a half.

You might as well insist on this open-door policy now, no matter what the children are doing. You give your child a great deal of respect, as you should, but she owes you respect in return. You can give her too much information too.